The starting point of every other relationship - Dating Coach Ané Auret

The starting point of every other relationship

Day 20:  “I VALUE MYSELF AND HAVE A POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING RELATIONSHIP WITH MYSELF.  I love and respect myself and take care of myself in every way.”

It took me much heartbreak, several breakups and one soul destroying divorce to figure out that the only real factor that will be determine my relationship success long term is the relationship I have with myself. 

This is my main job in my own relationship and my marriage. To take care of my own relationship with myself.

In every way.
And every day.

To be the emotionally fit, secure and commitment-ready woman my husband was attracted to in the first place, and subsequently married requires me to pay focus inward and do the work I need to do.  And he needs to do his.  This is our gift to each other.

If you’re feeling stuck and struggling in your relationships and dating journey, make this your starting point.

I’m here for you and believing in you, as always

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