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Ready For Love Podcast with Ané Auret

The Ready for Love Podcast

The Dating and Relationship Advice podcast for high-achieving, conscious and purpose-driven single women looking for a committed relationship. Designed to bring you the best dating and relationship advice to help you overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back from attracting and creating the love relationship you want.

Day 18: “I UNDERSTAND MY RELATIONSHIP HISTORY, HABITS AND PATTERNS – I know myself and how I tend to function in intimate relationships. I don’t have unresolved emotional issues, unhelpful habits and patterns that may sabotage a future relationship.” I share 9 simple tips and resources to help you make sense of your relationship history and understand your own habits and patterns.  

Day 17: “I HAVE EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIP SKILLS – I understand relationships, can maintain closeness and intimacy, communicate authentically and assertively, negotiate difference positively, allow myself to trust and be vulnerable, and can give and receive love without emotional barriers.” In this short episode I share the uncomfortable truth about relationships not working out, one of the biggest indicators of success when looking for a new partner and a key resource that can help you gain real insight into your own relationship skill and behaviours.  

Day 16: “I KNOW WHAT KIND OF ACTIVITIES TO ENGAGE IN TO MEET THE KIND OF PEOPLE I WANT TO MEET – I know there are many ways and circumstances of meeting people and I am prepared to proactively make this happen where I can.”  I share with you key strategies to help you meet and attract the right person for you – by using the ‘inside-out’ approach.

Day 15: “I AM MAKING, OR AM READY TO MAKE DATING AND MEETING NEW PEOPLE A PRIORITY – I am ready to be open to creating connection and create or join in opportunities to meet new people that are aligned with the kind of life I want to lead.” Taking stock.

Day 14: “I HAVE EFFECTIVE DATING SKILLS – I initiate contact with people I want to meet, and disengage from people who are not a match for me. I keep my physical and emotional boundaries, and balance my heart with my head with potential partners.” I share with you 6 tips to help you proactively practice your dating skills, fully engage in your own dating journey and ultimately to find love again.  

Day 13/21: “I DON’T HAVE UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL ISSUES WITH MY EX OR PREVIOUS ROMANTIC PARTNERS – I no longer have a romantic interest in my ex-partner/spouse or want to get back together with them. This area will not sabotage a future relationship.” I share 7 strategies to help you move on from your ex so that you can fully engage in your own dating journey and finding love again.

Day 12/21: “MY FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS ARE FUNCTIONAL – My relationships with my children, ex, siblings, parents, and extended family do not interfere with having the life and relationship that I want.” In this episode I share with you 3 steps to help you set yourself up for success when it comes to dealing with your family relationships while you are on your journey to date and find love again.

Day 11/21: “MY FINANCIAL & LEGAL BUSINESS IS HANDLED – I have no financial or legal issues that would interfere with having the life and relationship that I want.” I share with you 3 crucial steps to have your own legal and financial business handled to make sure it doesn’t sabotage or affect a future relationship.

Day 10/11: “I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF – I am happy with my physical appearance, style and presentation, I feel confident in my body and exploring a new sexual & intimate relationship in future.”