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Ivona Gordon

041 3 Steps To Getting Relationship Ready – with Ivona Gordon

Relationship Coach Ivona Gordon is a fully qualified Life Coach, Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and facilitator, specialising in love, life and relationships. Along with a diploma in Relationship Psychology, Ivona has over twenty five years’ experience working within the Human Resources field.

Ivona has written an eBook called ‘It’s Ok to be single’ and is founder of the London Relationship Coaching Meetup group. She’s known for quickly building rapport so that individuals working with her, either on a one to one basis or attending one of her relationship workshops where they receive powerful life changing experiences.  She is known for getting single people ‘relationship ready’ – and that’s exactly what we talk about in this interview.

Some of the key points we discuss:

– what does a relationship ready person look like
– the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to ‘relationship readiness’
– the 3 key steps you can take to get relationship ready and how you get there yourself

and much more!

Come and join us.


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