044 Navigating the Modern Dating Scene - with Laura Bilotta | Dating Coach Ané Auret
Navigating the Modern Dating Scene with Laura Bilota

044 Navigating the Modern Dating Scene – with Laura Bilotta

My special guest interview with one of Canada’s top Matchmakers and Dating Experts, Laura Bilotta. Laura has been successfully matching single Canadians for over 15 years.  She recently published her book, Single in the City: From Hookups & Heartbreaks To Love & Lifemates: Tales & Tips To Attract Your Perfect Match.

Today’s dating world can be complicated, and for singles, finding a life partner can be one of the most important decisions a person can ever make in their life; so they want to ensure they are going about it the right way. With nearly two decades of expertise, Laura offers singles honest and impactful advice on a wide array of dating and relationship topics to help them find their perfect match.

Traditional dating rules no longer apply in today’s online dating world and in her book Laura also addresses all of these new rules including better ways of communicating with a potential future partner, and the importance of being flexible with one’s list of partner requirements and preferences.


Some key points we talk about 

  • what is ‘Modern Dating’ and what does it actually mean for us navigating the modern dating landscape
  • the various ways technology impacts on our dating and relationship experiences
  • the way social media impacts how we date – and should we research the social media histories of potential partners?
  • the ‘ghosting’ phenomenon
  • tips and advice for anyone who doesn’t want to use online dating sites or dating apps, but who prefer to actually meet people ‘in real life’
  • Laura’s own way of creating connection when she saw somebody she was potentially interested in (great tip to help you take the first step if the opportunity arises)
  • top tips and a few good reminders for how you can be a bit more approachable as you go around your daily life
  • what it actually means to “Be The One” you want to date and the key question to ask yourself when it comes to dating  (my favourite chapter in Laura’s book)
  • ways of getting back to loving yourself as you transition between relationships
  • dating from a place of ease and presence instead of only focussing on the future
  • some key questions to ask yourself to help you move on and get over an ex (Laura shares how it took her about 8 years to get over someone)
  • the story of how she has since met the love of her life once she let go of her ‘expectations’
  • we compare our personal stories of how we are both now in our best relationships with men who were nothing like we were used to dating, or how we expected they ‘should’ be to fit what we thought we wanted
  • the ‘paradox of choice’ because of ‘too much choice’ these days
  • what Laura would do if she was starting over in love and dating again

and more!

I hope you’ll come and join us 🙂




Connecting with Laura Bilotta 

Website:   singleinthecity.ca

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Single in the City: From Hookups & Heartbreaks to Love & Lifemates: Tales & Tips to Attract Your Perfect MatchLaura’s Book

Single in the City: From Hookups & Heartbreaks to Love & Lifemates: Tales & Tips to Attract Your Perfect Match

Dating can be fun. Or difficult. It can be easy. Or complicated. With millions of singles wanting to date, those who develop successful relationships have equipped themselves with “secrets to success.” What are these secrets?

Just ask dating/relationship expert, Laura Bilotta.

Available in Amazon: Canada | UK

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