042 5 ways to feel confident in your body right now! - with Health Coach Cheri James | Dating Coach Ané Auret
5 Ways to feel confident in your body right now! with Mind and Body Health Coach Cheri James

042 5 ways to feel confident in your body right now! – with Health Coach Cheri James

Over the years Cheri has worked with many women who wanted to overall feel good in their skin. All of them have spent so much of their time doing endless workouts and countless diets to try and achieve a body they feel will finally give them confidence. However, there was always an essential missing piece.

In order to feel good about being you, you have to start from the within. You have to work from the inside out. Body confidence doesn’t come from a certain size or weight.

It comes from you deciding and feeling confident in who you are!

That is what our conversation is all about: how to feel confident in your body now!

Cheri covers 5 ways to radiate confidence from the inside out! This will not only help you feel more confident in your everyday life, but will also make living a healthier life much easier and on your terms.

We also talk about

  • getting back out there and being comfortable in your body after being in a relationship or marriage
  • why do we sometimes ‘let ourselves go’ the point that it takes a big life event like a breakdown or divorce to wake us up to get back to ourselves  
  • what a Mind and Body Health Coach does and what it’s all about
  • the biggest mistake women make and how we hold ourselves back when it comes to having the health and body we want
  • Cheri’s own journey of accepting and loving her own body after years of hiding and hurting her own body through quick fixes and harsh methods to lose weight
  • The perils of comparison – especially when it comes to social media
  • Practical tips on how to actually overcome your fears and not just talk about doing it
  • The importance of the energy you radiate through how you feel about yourself

5 ways to feel confident in your body and radiate confidence from the inside out

1)   Reducing media exposure. Whether it be television, magazines or social media, we are constantly exposed to bodies that the media presents and ways to achieve this look by making you not feel good enough as you are now.

2)   Get to know yourself. Quiet all the external noise telling you who to be, how to be and how to look. Spend some time with you and get to know what makes you tick. What makes you happy and feel good.

3)   Push past fears. Facing fears is a super-charges way to gain confidence. What have you been holding yourself back from because you don’t think you look good enough, feel small enough or just overall?

4)   Wear what you love. Stop hiding you body and start wearing clothes that make you feel good.

5) Mirror work. Change the perspective and notice all the wonderful things about you.


I hope you enjoy this interview with us!


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