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014I Exploring the role of friendship in our lives – with Dr. Chloe Peacock

Dr. Chloe Peacock is a qualitative research expert specializing in cultural and visual analysis and methods such as semiotics and ethnography. She works mainly with brands and digital marketing agencies helping them understand their consumers attitudes and beliefs and she also has a doctorate in communication theory on brand consumer participation.

On a personal level Chloe, aged 40 is part of a growing demographic of women who do not have children. She founded The League of Fabulous Women (TLFW) – a fast-growing, national friendship network for women without children based in the UK.

The League of Fabulous Women is a thriving online community and there are also TLFW Meetup groups in London, Manchester, Brighton and Bristol. Make sure to get in touch with Chloe should you be interested in setting up a group or attend one of the existing Meetups.


This episode is all about the power of friendship and sisterhood, creating connection in the digital age and how our friendships are so much part of how we learn about ourselves, what makes us happy and how we interact in our intimate relationships – especially during key phases in our lives.

I came across TLFW during my own search for some level of support, knowledge and understanding as I went through the journey of making some very difficult decisions in terms of having my own children.

It is said that an estimated 80% of women who don’t have children are ‘childless by circumstance’, rather than choice or medical reasons.

In the UK alone it is estimated that around 1.5 million women in their forties and fifties won’t have children, with only 10 per cent of those being unambiguously by choice. 1 in 5 women these days will not be having their own children as opposed to 1 in 9 in the 1960’s.

But this is not about the statistics – each and every woman has her own, unique story and journey.

I have regular conversations with women at various different stages of their journeys – especially during a time in their lives when they are in their mid-late thirties and early fourties and feel under pressure to make certain decisions about having a family of their own. Many feel that it’s already too late for them, or that it is becoming too late because they just haven’t met the right person yet – and they may not. Others are going through the process of going it ‘alone’. Others decide, for various reasons that they are not going to have the family they once thought they would. And in my experience this really is a growing community of women.

Other things Chloe and I talk about:

– her inspiration and motivation for setting up The League of Fabulous Women- her own journey and story of making some key decisions about her future – the importance of our support systems on our unique paths- the ways we can tap into support at times that we may feel isolated and alone. – her thoughts on what love is (the long and the short version!)- her top relationship advice

Here are the books Chloe mentioned that had a big influence on her personal journey – especially when she went through a significant breakup.

* The Wisdom of the Broken Heart – by Susan Piver

* Search for The Beloved – by Jean Houston

From Susan Piver ” To be fully and thoroughly met. The totality of who you are is received into the being of another and causes that other to open his or her arms to you and extend the perfect shelter of sacred acceptance. It is sacred in that it is unconditional; it ignores faults and assets and reaches through them to simply hold you. You feel you can fully come into existence by such an embrace. It is what we all long for. It is intrinsic and mysterious.”

“I think that’s what big love is…to be fully and thoroughly met.” Dr. Chloe Peacock

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