012I How To Perfect Your Practical & Emotional Skill Set So You Attract The Right Men - with Seán Brickell | Dating Coach Ané Auret

012I How To Perfect Your Practical & Emotional Skill Set So You Attract The Right Men – with Seán Brickell

What we discuss and some questions that I ask

  • what are the things that you need to do before you even think about finding love and getting into a relationship
  • what does parachuting and finding love have in common?
  • who do you want to attract and are you communicating who you really are?
  • making the right choices from your ’emotional life’s menu’ – find out what the 3 choices are the importance of how you walk – have you ever thought about this?
  • engaging a man physically and sexually before engaging emotionally and spiritually
  • Seán’s take on a woman who says and feels that ‘men are intimidated’ by her

Overview of the 5-step Professional Women’s Dating Success system

  • Master your psychological and emotional mindset, knowing your true values and your true self
  • Master your practical and emotional skill set
  • Spark and sizzle in any social arena – how you make an impact socially
  • How to be a delectable date
  • How to create an emotionally fulfilling future

This interview is just packed with interesting advice, shifts and (male) perspectives that will hopefully speak to you on many levels.

“Your appearance can get interest, but it is your attitude that sustain that interest.”

10 Questions A Woman Can Ask A Man That Inspires, Reveals And Attracts Him

  • “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?”
  • “What inspired you to do what you do now for work?”
  • “What would constitute a perfect day for you…and how does your perfect day look and feel…from the timings, the locations, the activities and the people and other elements?”
  • “What life experience do you feel most grateful for – whether brilliant, bizarre or even bad?”
  • “What quality of yours do you feel most grateful for?”
  • “If you could have dinner with 3 other people, whether dead or alive, fictional or factual, who would these three people be and why?”
  • “If you were a movie baddie, which one would you be and why?!”
  • “If given the choice, what quality would you like to be given and why?”
  • “When you were a child what sort of person did you hope to be…and how much are you that person now?”
  • “What’s the achievement you’re proudest of and why?”

I just love every moment of recording these episodes for you and I really hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy making them for you. One of the highlights of course is to speak to other dating and relationship experts and learn more about what they do – and today I’m welcoming Sean Brickell.

Sean is a very accomplished life and dating coach, speaker, author and media commentator, and he is the creator of the Life Impact Confidence and Communication Skills Training System – specifically to help professional women develop the right practical and psychological skills to enjoy a happily realistic, fulfilling and successful love life.

As part of this, Sean’s just released the 5-step Professional Women’s Dating Success system. One woman who used just one the techniques Sean teaches is now married to a man she thought she’d would never be with.

In this episode Sean gives us an overview of the complete system, but we will specifically focus on ‘How To Perfect Your Practical & Emotional Skill Set So You Attract The Right Men’.

*Scroll down to Seán’s contact information to find details about accessing his Free Online Course: Developing Your Emotional Early Warning System

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Free Online Course:  Developing Your Emotional Early Warning System 

The Emotional Early Warning System video programme gives you 10 of the varied signals that men can unwittingly give off that reveal they’re wrong for you – no matter how charming, attractive and attentive they might appear.

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