Modern Dating - the 3 most common battles on the modern dating scene
The 3 Most Common Battles in Modern Dating - with Renee Slansky

049 The 3 Most Common Battles in Modern Dating – with Renee Slansky

My special guest, Renee Slansky is an Australian TV presenter, writer, professional blogger and dating and relationship coach, whose purpose and heart for women compelled her to educate people on how to find, build and cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Her own blog is now the number 1 dating and relationship blog in Australia.

Renee contributes advice regularly to some of the biggest online dating sites and publications globally including The Huffington Post, E Harmony, Plenty of Fish ,Your Tango , and others – and I recommend you absolutely check it out.  As a professional coach, Renee has built online programmes for both men and women around the world and she is often called to comment as an expert on radio, TV and speaking events.

Her mission to educate a generation,  change the dating culture and lower the divorce rate. 

In this interview Renee shares with us her experience and expertise from helping, and working with hundreds of people all over the world – and in that context we’re going to talk about the 3 Most Common Battles on the Modern Dating Scene :  how you can avoid it, or if you’re in the midst of it – how you can get out of it and have a much happier dating experience and ultimately find the person you’re looking for.

She also shares with us what it actually means to work with a Dating Coach and what you could expect from the process. 

Whether you’re currently dating or only just starting to think about getting back into it, Renee gives us super practical advice, tips and strategies for some of the obstacles you may face – and how to deal with it.

Here are Renee’s Top 3

  1. Choice Fatigue – this is specifically relevant to you if you’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit burnt out by online dating and dating apps 
  2. How / where to find a man that will commit – one of the most common dating questions.  Renee explains more about the dynamics of creating attraction and the key stages of developing a relationship 
  3. Seeing effort as failure – what it really takes to build a great, fulfilling relationship long term 




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