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039 Dating for geeks, with DragonFruit founder Orie Enav

Dating for geeks (we’re all at least a bit geeky about something!) A special guest interview with Orie Enav, founder of the DragonFruit dating app . Orie is a self confessed science-fiction nerd, boardgame lover & serious about helping people create relationships based on honesty, self reflection and self knowledge. We go behind the scenes and discover the story of DragonFruit, how it came about and what sets it apart in the crowded online dating market. One of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done – come and join us!

Orie Enav is a lawyer and self-proclaimed geek based in New York City. DragonFruit was born from the idea that the geek community was underserved in the online dating market and deserved an authentic tool to connect with likeminded people. The DragonFruit app is based on a unique matching algorithm that factors interests in a qualitative way, pairing up people with the same and related interests to remove the awkwardness of the first meeting.  The aim of Dragonfruit is to cater to everyone who may define themselves as geeks across the full spectrum of geekiness.

The app is free and available on both iOS and Android devices.

In this episode you’ll learn more about: 
– Orie’s definition of being a geek (I love it and I’ve certainly embraced my inner geekiness!)
– How DragonFruit helps you be yourself right from the moment you decide to sign up
– How interest-based matching cleverly put people together from similar ‘geekdoms’
– Geekdex – the database that creates connections between people’s interests


– Orie’s thoughts on the future of online dating (Virtual Reality dating anyone?)


– The nr. 1 reason for success in online dating

Orie answers some of the DragonFruit app Profile questions for us – these are so much fun!
– What are your top 3 Geekdoms?
– How would you rate your Geekness level?
– What is your Origin story?
– What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?
– What is the geekiest thing you’re willing to admit to?
– What is your favourite geek theory?
* I also confess my own geekiness and my favourite geekdoms!
 You will hear that Orie and his team are dedicate to keep developing DragonFruit in line with the ideas and expectations of their users and welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions.


Connect with Orie and the DragonFruit Team 


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Download the DragonFruit app here: 

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