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019 6 Key Criteria For Your Next Relationship

In the Find Love Again Workshop on day 1 we talked about having absolute clarity on your life vision, purpose and the legacy you want to leave. In this workshop we build on that and look at 6 key criteria to help you get crystal clear on what you want your next relationship to look, feel and be like.

I absolutely believe that we create our ideal relationship in our heart, mind and soul first. It is what’s inside of us that ultimately drive the choices we make when we choose who to spend time with and let into our lives. Having clarity about what you’re looking for is like a GPS system – it helps you to avoid what doesn’t work for you and it helps you recognise it when you find what you’re looking for. Life will still do it’s magic and there is of course no way to predict who you’re going t meet. But what I know for sure is that clarity gets rewarded.

It wasn’t until my own marriage ended and I was looking to find love again myself that I, for the first time in my life, sat down and carefully thought about my next relationship.

My divorce gave me the opportunity to start again and redesign my whole life – including my next relationship. So I wrote it all down. And today I am married to the most amazing man today, with the qualities I was looking for and the kind of relationship I hoped for and dreamt about.

6 Key criteria for your next relationship

I go into much more detail on each of these points in the episode so do make sure to listen to it.

1)The type of relationship you want to create
2)Values & characteristics
3)Ideal physical characteristics
4)Deal-breakers and Boundaries
5)Your Life Vision and Legacy
6)How you want to feel in your relationship


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