015I How to use your feminine energy to find, attract and create your ideal relationship - with Lori Davis | Dating Coach Ané Auret

015I How to use your feminine energy to find, attract and create your ideal relationship – with Lori Davis

My special guest for this episode is Lori Davis – Certified Relationship Specialist, Speaker, Author and Radio Host.

Lori has a unique and passionate approach to love and relationships and believes that everyone deserves and can have the relationship of their dreams. Her mission is to provide you with the skills you need to have the unstoppable relationship you deserve.

She has over 28 years’ experience empowering individuals and couples to live richer, happier lives. She has an in-person private practice in Charlotte, NC and also provides relationship coaching by phone.  Her practice spans the spectrum from dating and singles to working through divorce to renewing long-term marriages.

In addition to workshops, classes, couples’ retreats and a local singles group, Lori’s has a talk radio show called “Real Talk with Lori Davis” on Ivyberadio.

She is the author of Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life

To start our episode Lori shares her four secrets to unstoppable relationships  – tune in to find out how she describes each of these secrets in more detail. 

  • Unstoppable desire
  • Understanding the differences between men and women
  • Communication
  • Unstoppable passion – how to keep it or get it back in a relationship


The main part of our interview is all about Lori sharing her insights on what feminine energy is and what it isn’t, what it means for ourselves and our relationships and how we can use it to attract and create a strong, lasting and healthy relationship.

What we discuss and questions I ask Lori

  • How you define and describe ‘passion’ in your relationship
  • The common misconceptions about feminine energy
  • What is ‘feminine energy’ by definition and how to describe it
  • The difference between feminine and masculine energy and what we need to create the spark in our relationships
  • What does feminine energy have to do with how you look and your appearance
  • How to step into our feminine energy in the rest of our lives – not just in our intimate relationships
  • Practical tips on how to connect to your feminine energy
  • The dance between masculine and feminine energy in a relationship
  • In the context of our discussion – what is the nr.1 reason why women are not successful in their dating lives
  • How to deal with fear around vulnerability in a relationship


Find out more and connect with Lori Davis


Information about all of Lori’s coaching services, other products, blogs, radio show and events can be found at www.lorianndavis.com



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