008I Geneviéve Zawada - 3 Steps to attracting your soulmate through transformational coaching | Dating Coach Ané Auret

008I Geneviéve Zawada – 3 Steps to attracting your soulmate through transformational coaching

My guest today is Geneviéve Zawada – Transformational Coach (accredited through the International Coaching Federation) and owner and CEO of Elect Club – one of the UK’s leading and longest established Personal Matchmaking Services.

Geneviéve is one of the leaders in the industry and her transformational coaching has earned her international recognition as a leading expert. She’s often asked to comment in the media and she’s also been chosen as the UK’s Dating and Relationship expert for GuruandGo a new platform for lifestyle Gurus to share their wealth of knowledge and support.

I really enjoyed speaking to Geneviéve and her warm, holistic approach to bringing the best out of her clients so that they can have the ultimate matchmaking experience is inspiring. I hope you enjoy this interview with us!

Geneviéve shares with us her personal journey and how she got into the world of coaching, dating and matchmaking. We also hear how she uses her unique combination of skills in being a Transformational Coach and Matchmaker to help her clients get the best possible results – not just when it comes to dating and relationships, but in all areas of their lives as a result of the coaching process.

We find out more about

  • what Dating Coaching is (and what it isn’t)
  • the importance of tailoring every coaching experience to each individual client
  • some of the biggest challenges clients approach Geneviéve with
  • Genevieve’s views on how online dating has changed the dating landscape

Geneviéve’s 3 Step Transformational Coaching Approach

1. Fact-finding. This is a thorough, holistic process of discovery around set patterns, habits and much more and involves a lot of release and letting go of whatever it is holding somebody back – physically and emotionally.

2. Implementation. Look at what works and what doesn’t, what needs to be added / adjusted and also includes a physical component where necessary, ie. personal trainers, nutrition, styling etc. to help clients take the next step in presenting the best of themselves.

3. Embedding. Ensuring that everything is working, comfortable and deeply embedded in a client’s life.

The whole process is very much tailored to the individual and can take anything from a few coaching sessions to a full 12 month transformational journey.

Find out more and connect with Geneviéve and The Elect Club Team for Matchmaking, Elite Singles Events and Transformational Coaching.

Transformational work including coaching, styling and matchmaking under one roof with one amazing team.  Elect Club is an exclusive pool of single professionals looking for long-lasting relationships and are serious in their search.

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Tel: 020 3714 5375 (office hours are 9.30am to 5.30pm)

Direct email: info@electclub.co.uk

If you’re interested in online dating you can check out Geneviéve’s Online Dating Guide here:


Download the full guide to help you navigate your way with simple and practical steps that will ensure your profile and photo attracts the right person for you, you make the most of your dates and ensure that your dating journey doesn’t end at the first date but continues to happy ever after.

The guide covers all you need from the moment you decide to start dating online to when things go wrong and staying safe, having fun and enjoying your dating experience and meeting the right people.

If you want to try out online dating you can see Geneviéve’s online dating website here



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