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Uncover the hidden barriers, blocks and blindspots that may be keeping your from the love you want so that you can get to the root of why things have not worked out for you up to now


Discover why what you bring to a relationship is more important than what you want from it so that you can confidently attract the right person for you and so you can move beyond short lived relationships and painful breakups


Learn about the silent killer of your best laid dating and relationship plans and the number one reason why most dating advice, tips and strategies fail


Find your unique next steps to move you closer to find the love of your life

This Is Perfect For You If: 

  • Right now you don’t really believe there is someone that is right for you out there – or that having the relationship of your dreams isn’t  possible for you.
  • You’re approaching your dating journey either with a sense of fear, urgency and even panic – or you’ve taken yourself out of it completely and not investing any time or energy in it
  • You’re noticing patterns in the kind of men you attract, ie. not ready, emotionally unavailable or only wanting sex and then moving on
  • You’re trying everything you can think of and keep ending back at square one – deflated, disillusioned and thinking about giving it all up
  • You’ve had enough of settling (or considering it), compromising and selling yourself short – or sabotaging yourself and feeling stuck and lonely
  • You’re thinking about dating again, but feeling overwhelmed and worried about ‘getting it wrong’ again, and instead isolate yourself and avoid meeting new people.
  • You find it hard to be yourself, take your barriers down and be who you really are – because you’re afraid of going through the pain of rejection and heartbreak again
  • discover the #1 reason you’re feeling stuck in your love life that has nothing to do with your appearance, your flirting skills or your ability to craft the perfect profile or text message
  • find out why you don’t have the relationship you want and how to get it
  • learn why most dating advice fail and instead discover the truth about attracting genuine love
  • stop dating Mr. Wrong so you can move beyond short term relationships and soul destroying breakups
  • feel confident in your ability to attract the right person for you 
  • learn your love habits and patterns so you know where the wrong turns are leading you to heartbreak

Hi there

I’m Ané Auret, the Dating Coach for Women Starting Over in Love after break-up and divorce.

After a number of unsuccessful relationships and painful breakups, plus a soul-destroying divorce in my mid-thirties I finally found the missing keys to attracting the relationship of my dreams.

This I know for sure – unless you get to the root of how, and what is blocking love from your life you won’t change your experience of love.

Through figuring out how this played out in my own life I went from feeling utterly stuck, settling for less, doubting myself and feeling frustrated to finding the right person for me and finally having the connection and commitment I was looking for.

Finding out what’s blocking you from finding true love gives you your power back when it comes to dating and relationships.  

These love blocks control who we attract and choose, and how we feel and act in our relationships.  They show up in the men we choose to date, how we feel in our relationships and how we feel about ourselves. 

They also run deep and we are often unaware that they’re even there.

I know that it is absolutely possible for you to have the relationship you want – and I help amazing women like your create extraordinary relationships every day.  Even when you think it’s too late for you and that it’s just never going to happen.

Come and join me and I’ll see you on the other side!


Helps you see clearly!

If you’ve been single a while and suspect you are the common denominator then this is the course for you – it will help you see where your thinking and your behaviour have been holding you back.

I consider myself to be an emotionally intelligent woman but going through the bootcamp unveiled limiting thoughts and beliefs I didn’t know I had! I now feel much more prepared for meeting Mr Right and I know he’ll benefit from having a partner who has taken the time to do this work.— JE

Amazing advice

From our first session Ané gave me practical pointers that made a real difference. She has a real gift of helping tease out your unhelpful habits without making you feel like a dating disaster! Above all else, Ané is an exceptional listener and brings a calm gentle confidence to every session.

She doesn’t tell you what to do as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but she helps you re-discover your long-buried wonderful bits. I absolutely loved working with Ané and can honestly say that I feel happier than ever about myself and the way I approach men.
— VS

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