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Dating After Divorce or Breakup – Creating Space For Love



Day 7: “MY LIFE SCHEDULE ALLOWS FOR ME TO BE AVAILABLE FOR COMMITMENT – I don’t have work, family or other commitments that could sabotage dating and a new relationship. If there are I have arrangements in place to take care of this.  My schedule, commitments and lifestyle allow my availability to create new connections and build a new relationship.”
Something we often overlook is the actual space we create for love in our lives.

With life as busy as it is – how on earth do you actually find time to create new connections, meet new people and ‘date’?

In today’s session we’re not talking about emotional space, or clearing out physical space within your home – we’re talking about your time commitments and all the things that you need to juggle in your life.

And it is to encourage you to reflect on if, how and where you could potentially create time to prioritise your (new) love life.

Because sometimes that is what it is going to take – actually scheduling in time to get creative on how you can proactively meet new people and engage in activities where you can expand your horizons.
It’s time to make yourself and your love life a priority – just take the first step.  And if you need my support, I’m here for you.
Sending you so much love

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