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About Ané

I’m Ané Auret,  Dating Coach for Women Starting Over in Love. 

I’m Going to Help You From Feeling Stuck And Struggling To Move On To Feeling Radiantly Confident And Ready To Date, In Control Of Your Dating Life, Attract The Right Kind Of People For You – And Ultimately Find Love Again.

After a number of unsuccessful relationships and a soul-destroying divorce in my mid-thirties, I finally found the missing keys to attracting the relationship and marriage of my dreams.  I went from settling for less, doubting myself and feeling frustrated to finding the right person for me and finally having the connection and commitment I was looking for.

I really do know how challenging it can be to start over, especially in love. But I also know how to turn heartbreak into a catalyst and opportunity to rebuild your life and come out stronger, more beautiful and more powerful than ever before.

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What Clients Say

Helps you see clearly!

“If it hadn’t been for Ané, I’m not sure I would’ve so easily recognised ‘the one’ when I did eventually meet him, but when I did little snippets of her wisdom kept coming back to me, reassuring me that this was the real thing.

There is something so special about those single years post divorce.  My head was telling me to rush into a new relationship (anything to stave off the loneliness) but in my guts I knew I had to be alone for a time to learn, process and rediscover. Ané was a guiding light during those times and a constant beacon of hope reassuring me that love would come when the time was right.  And it did!  I am truly, deeply, madly in love with my soul-mate; a man who celebrates me and my femininity for all it is.  Was he worth the wait?  Absolutely!  I would wait another five years if I had to because when you have the real thing you realise that everything else was just a pretence…
Ané helped me to be really clear about what was real and what was pretence.  She knows because she’s been there, which makes her service so incredibly valuable.”
(J. Bath)

Amazing advice

From our first session Ané gave me practical pointers that made a real difference. She has a real gift of helping tease out your unhelpful habits without making you feel like a dating disaster! Above all else, Ané is an exceptional listener and brings a calm gentle confidence to every session.

She doesn’t tell you what to do as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but she helps you re-discover your long-buried wonderful bits. I absolutely loved working with Ané and can honestly say that I feel happier than ever about myself and the way I approach men.
— VS

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