Dating Coach Ane Auret

I Know You Didn’t Expect To (Still) Be Single. Or To Be Single Again.

Maybe you’ve been having moments of feeling that you want to give up on all of love, but you haven’t because deep down you know your best relationship is still ahead of you.

I’m already excited for you just because you’re here – and because I know what is possible for you when you start taking your next steps.

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.”

Hi, I’m Ané Auret And I Help Women Start Over In Love

Some years ago I was exactly where you are now – feeling stuck, confused about how I found myself single again when it was meant to be ‘forever’ and struggling to move on from my marriage breaking down.  I don’t have to tell you how tough that is – we both know first hand what I’m talking about.

I never expected to be ‘out there’ again – and the thought of ‘dating’ was pretty horrific.

How did I get it all so wrong when I thought I was doing everything I could?  And how was I going to make better choices and decisions going forward?  How was I ever going to meet somebody new – and did I even want to?

Deep down however, I knew I didn’t want to be alone forever.

I know you can relate to this.

When my marriage ended I felt that the best of my love life was behind me – little did I know that the best was yet to come.

But it wasn’t that straightforward.


I had to start over and do the work that I’ve avoided for years. And I ended up making a lot of mistakes on my way to find love again.

Still disillusioned with marriage I finally realised that no book, magazine article or blog was going to help me on a deeper level. Unless I made certain decisions and choices and took the time out to heal, make the investment and do the work I had to do personally, nothing was going to change for me.

Even though I thought I knew myself previously, my divorce gave me the reality check to make me realise that I made it into my fourth decade without really knowing and understanding what I’m all about when it comes to dating, relationships, marriage, building intimacy in the long term and creating a lifelong partnership with another human being.

And I was potentially going to ‘fall’ into a next relationship and repeat my ‘stuff’ unless I chose not to – and do the work.

I wasn’t really aware of my story, my beliefs and the key decisions I (subconsciously) made about who I was and how I saw myself. Even though I was outwardly confident and lived my life in a way that involved the things I love I had no particular insight into my relationship with myself. Or the lack of relationship with myself. The wounds, the triggers, the patterns.

I just had an underlying feeling that something must be wrong with me. That I was doing this all wrong.  I didn’t fully understand my own capacity for true connection. Or my own emotional un-availability.

There comes a time when you have of enough of struggling in love – and I finally figured out what it takes to create the best relationship of my life.

Today I’m happier than ever, married again and totally in love with my husband.  I’ve learnt what it takes to navigate this precious time in your life. And I’m loving my life and doing the work I love with all my heart.

I know that this is absolutely possible for you too when you decide this is what you want and you do the work to get to the other side. But – there are no shortcuts. 

Saying I love what I do is an understatement.

Today I get to work with amazing women, just like you, to reinvent, rediscover and redesign their lives – falling in love with themselves first, and ultimately finding love second time round.

It makes my heart sing seeing the light in their eyes and their sense of peace when they finally realise that their greatest love story starts with with one person only – themselves.

Here’s to the precious next chapter in your life.

Consider this your safe refuge.

A few random facts

I was born in South Africa and I moved to the UK to work and travel for a couple of years after finishing Uni in the late nineties. I’m still here and although I’m pretty much permanently homesick for my family and sunshine – I love it. So lucky to be living Bath, which is just the most beautiful town in England in my view.

My husband (Mr. S) and family are my first loves and I am totally at my happiest with bare feet, bare shoulders and sipping a glass of red around a ‘braai’ (BBQ the South African way) – watching the sun set with the people I love most. Preferably by the sea!

I spent a year in a specially selected programme in the South African army – turning me from schoolgirl to lady and giving me a lifelong aversion to ironing – but a love for tidying things away and folding everything I can get my hands on. Loved every minute of it. And never again.

Airports and planes are my ‘happy place’.

I did a stretch of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain and it is my life long dream to go back and do all of it. Life Changing. Affirming. If you’re thinking about it – just go.

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