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I share the steps I took to create the relationship and marriage of my dreams – my journey from Hot Mess to Soulmate Success!

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Pinpoint what is holding you back from attracting your ideal partner – it is rarely what you think it may be


Create your ultimate vision and get crystal clear on what you want and what you bring to a relationship


Learn how to stop wasting time attracting the wrong kind of people or being in unfulfilling relationships


Set up your single life for success in order to attract the right person for you

A new way forward!

“Ané is transformational. She has an amazing ability to literally get to the heart of the matter, ask those questions which underpin who and how we love and challenge how we love and respect ourselves. In her quiet, calm and compassionate way she steers a conscious course to more fulfilling relationships. I wish I’d met her years ago, but am so happy that from here my eyes are open and I feel so much more authentic and aware. She’s like an acupuncturist for the heart!” AS

Catalyst and Clarity

“Like many contemplative people, I was of the view that I had done the necessary soul-searching and knew what I wanted in a partner. It was just that I ‘couldn’t find him’. Thanks to Ané’s calming voice, attentive listening, and thought-provoking questions, I soon came to realise that the ‘specification’ of the person that I was ‘looking for’, was not consistent with the one that I would need in order to feel the way I want to feel in a secure and committed relationship. I also came to learn some views I had of myself that were undoubtedly holding me back. Ané’s insights, drawing from both her personal experience and research, have been the catalyst to help me uncover and tackle these thorny issues. I will be forever grateful.” MK

“The relationship you want is within your reach. I can show you how to find, attract and choose the right person for you, create the relationship you want and unlock your true relationship potential.”

Hi there

I’m Ané Auret, Dating and Relationship Coach for strong, smart, successful women.

After a number of unsuccessful relationships and incredibly painful breakups, plus a soul-destroying divorce in my mid-thirties behind me I finally found the missing keys to attracting the relationship of my dreams.

I went from settling for less, doubting myself and feeling frustrated to finding the right person for me and finally having the connection and commitment I was looking for.

I know this is possible for you too – and I help amazing women like your create extraordinary relationships every day.

Come and join me for this live event where I share my story and clear steps you can take to find, attract and create the relationship you want.


Get relationship ready in a way you have never been before - and focus on finally finding the right kind of love.

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