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Hi, I’m Ané –  the Dating and Relationship Coach for high-achieving, conscious and purpose-driven single women looking for a committed relationship.

With tailor-made coaching and support I help you pinpoint why you’re still single (or single again!), end the cycle of one-off dates and dead-end relationships and stop wasting your time on attracting the wrong people.

The work we do together is designed to transform your love life: date with confidence and ease, finally attract the right person for you and create the relationship you want.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Relationship Red flags – 10 questions to ask yourself

Relationship Red flags – 10 questions to ask yourself

If you’re reading this it may be that you have some niggling doubts or uncertainty about the person you’re dating or in a relationship with.  It’s natural to have some doubts at times – going through that process in our heads and hearts can...
10 Ways to love yourself 

10 Ways to love yourself 

My big mantra when it comes to dating and relationships is that it really all starts with you. Your relationship with yourself ultimately determines who and what you accept in your life.  And we accept the love and care we think we deserve – whether that’s...
Why are you single right now?

Why are you single right now?

I know this can be hard and I understand a lot of the pain that comes with being on your own when what you really want is to be in a loving relationship.  Walking around showing a brave face, physically aching while you feel that your heart has literally been torn out...
What do you really want in your relationship?

What do you really want in your relationship?

Are you absolutely certain what it is that YOU need and want in your intimate relationship to experience love in a way that is meaningful to you? This may sound so obvious – but so many of us have never actually taken the time to think about what it is that we...
Are you ready for love?

Are you ready for love?

Just because we want something it doesn’t always mean that we’re ready for it. Yet.  When we date most of us are looking for a committed, long term relationship and marriage and we go through our dating journey with our fairytale ending firmly fixed in our...

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Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person Great article by @alaindebotton and author of The Course of Love - amazing read!
“Ané is transformational. She has an amazing ability to literally get to the heart of the matter, ask those questions which underpin who and how we love and challenge how we love and respect ourselves. In her quiet, calm and compassionate way she steers a conscious course to more fulfilling relationships. I wish I’d met her years ago, but am so happy that from here my eyes are open and I feel so much more authentic and aware. She’s like an acupuncturist for the heart!” (AS)
“Thank you for creating such a supportive space to explore and reflect and for your lightness and thoughtful insight. It was really affirming and has helped to create a shift in my perspective to feel freer and more confident in my ability to make conscious choices. Your questioning about what is important to me really helps me to notice and relish those special qualities when they arise.” (LLB)
“Ané helps you to take a breather and examine your current state; she will ask searching questions; get you to think independently about where you are how well equipped you are to take on the quest of meeting someone and to take care of yourself whilst doing so. This can at times be uncomfortable, but this exploration is something that you need to do independently of the well meaning advice of friends and loved ones, Ané will lead you through this process of self discovery so that you can see more clearly and make better decisions. In doing so you will start to see that now you have choices and opportunities to have the life you never dared to hope for and that you are in the driving seat.” (AD)
“..I recently realised that the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ cannot be said with certainty if from an emotional place. It needs to come from your core, deep down where values and character have figured a few things out already. And this is where I come from now: be sure to know that appointing Ané as coach to play a guiding part in your life, albeit for a short time, will be one of the best things you’ll do. You’ll never look back…” (LB)

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10 Ways to stand out on the dating scene."


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